How To Burn Fat Fast For Beginners

Why many people fail to burn fat?

Everyday we are told that “if you want to lose weight, you gotta go on a diet, exercise more, etc.” The truth is that those old methods have some truth in them. However, they don’t get you very far. It’s because we all bought into a half truth method to burn fat and lose weight.

Switching from “junk food diet” to “plant based salad diet”

I have to say that this is all too common. If you wanted to lose weight, the first thing you think of is to start eating salads right? wrong. mindtechnology






When someone switches to a salad diet all of a sudden, the build water weight instead of losing weight. Because they do not have the proper enzymes to digest the soluble fiber in the leaf vegetables that absorbs water.

It takes time for a person to develop proper enzymes to digest a salad. Instead of switching to a salad diet, try starting with fruit and vegetable smoothie with healthy fats from bananas, coconut, flax seed, and avocados for example. promote-news